A revolving Line of Credit (LOC) is an established credit line that allows you to borrow against it, up to your available credit limit. You can access it by a North Western Employees Credit Union share draft or request cash or a check.

We offer:

  • Credit Lines up to $5000
  • Minimum monthly payment is 3% of outstanding balance or $30.00, whichever is greater
  • Covers your NWECU share draft checking account is funds are not available in checking
  • Transfers only exact amount needed to cover item(s). (No minimum increments)
  • Automatic repayment from one of your NWECU accounts
  • Payroll deduction/Direct deposit
  • Credit Life and Credit Disability Insurance

To apply for a Revolving Line of Credit loan, please call 712-328-2787 or 1-888-817-4500 or stop in the office today!